Ever got tired of searching for something on internet for a long time and yet get no answer? Well.... search no more! This article will help you get what you need straight away!

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Hey there,

My name is Mariya and I am twelve years old.

I guess u are wondering how the heck a girl my age put up a website?!

Well... all the thanks goes to simplesite that had helped me through it.

If you ever want to set up a website for complete free, I recommend you to go to this :http://ar.simplesite.com/

Its super easy ! Email them if you face any problem. You also get to choose the name, the writing and the pictures in your website too! In no time, you will have your website published, waiting for visitors. Just give it a shot and you wouldn’t regret it !!


One right choice between every thousand choices!!!

Some help

In this section, i will show you a collection of websites to get the best answers for whatever you need...

so :

-if you need any type of information, go to Wikipedia.org

-if you want to learn coding, go to code.org

-if you want to set up a website, go to simplesite.com

-if you want to learn anything, go to khanacademy.org(also a free app)

-if you want free ebooks, go to oxfordowl.co.uk




More help

If you need something else, contact me mariya.alkhattab@icloud.com